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Art Projects: Antillean project.

The Antillean Project. 

A glimpse into the process and inspiration behind the creation of the 7 pieces of Art work soon to be released and located in the newly opened restaurant ‘Antillean’. 

 ‘Antillean’ being a Pan-Caribbean Restaurant based in London, has taken inspiration from the serene islands of the Antilles. This Antilles feel is shown not just through the food and drink they serve but is radiated through the Arts, Music, and traditions that flow through the exquisitely designed restaurant. With that, I am extremely enthusiastic to be able to produce art work that brings this feel to life even more so. 

After many hours of discussion over the art works to be created, we hugely took inspiration from the Caribbean islands use of bright colours commonly used on the islands exterior and interior to act as a heat reflector to keep the island cool whilst at the same time creating a gorgeously vibrant wow factor to all of its surroundings. Secondly the regions diverse topography including coral reefs, mountains, tropical forests, white Sand beaches, and beautiful seas renown for yachting on its calm sailing waters. 

Taking all the inspiration found into account, you’ll see an extensive use of vibrant Aqua and Marine Blues, Turquoise, Canary Yellows, Fuchsias and Corals flowing endlessly throughout the Arts. 

What excited me the most about the Art works to be presented, is with colour being such a close link to emotion, this will in hope mean that being in the arts presence should simply radiate a sense of passion, love, calm and happiness. 

I wish for you to admire the surrounding art works, whilst being amongst a fun, warm and welcoming feel. Enjoying vibrant and delicious food presented by Antillean. 

All art work presented by myself in the restaurant will be available for purchase by scanning the QR code, and clicking the link to ‘Shop’ attached to the page. These codes will be presented by the side of each piece of art work. 

All 7 pieces of the 'Antillean Collection' are now available to view or purchase at the Antillean. Below are the Antillean opening hours for you, if you wish to book a table and view the art work.

I hope you enjoy.

All my love,

Laila May. 

Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 23:00

Saturday: 10:00 – 23:00

Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00

Phone: 020 3011 4449

74 Blackfriars Road



Getting to Antillean-

Only 15 meters from Southwark Underground Station or a ten minute walk from Waterloo or Blackfriars stations.

To find out more about upcoming shows and exhibitions, please get in touch.

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