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Laila May is an abstract artist working and living in Brentwood, Essex. Laila has worked on a variety of creative projects based in & around Essex, with her work existing in Private collections throughout the UK, Europe & US. 

Laila’s artistic expression has gone through many phases over her time spent creating, though not only creating on canvas but also faces, previously having been a makeup artist for 5 years explains her eye for detail, color and blend. 

Laila’s world of creativity has truly taken her on a journey of inspiration from all around, not just externally through the people Laila has met on her path, travel, nature and studying but finding true inspiration internally, deeply inspired by the profound act of meditation, fueling intuitive expressive formations in her art work.

You will often find, especially in Laila's abstract art, that the pieces give off such emotion. Effectively creating peaceful and calming auras to energetic and joyful rhythms, this ultimately enabling her audience to really feel like they are on an emotive journey whilst gazing at the formations of texture, color and movement through the art. 

This time spent creating & studying has provided Laila with a beautiful personal approach and perspective. 

Laila expresses her passion for painting in a abstract, contemporary style, mostly using acrylic, spray paint & emulsion for both mural and canvas creations.  

Being on such an artistic journey, there is always so much to learn. There is no limit to the opportunities Laila will keep her mind open too whilst on this path of creativity. Laila is simply enjoying creating pieces that are formed from her heart and soul for your beautiful spaces. 

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